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NBA Japan -ボクらのNBA①

My manga has been released in the campaign "ボクらのNBA" (Bokura no NBA) held by NBA Japan.

The "ボクらのNBA" means a story of our NBA memories...or something like that.

This project is a campaign in which NBA fans are invited to submit stories about the NBA, and the selected stories will be made into a manga and published.

Please participate by following the official NBA Japan Twitter and tweeting a story of 140 characters or less with the project's hashtag.

The selected story will be made into a manga by myself and other MANGA artists and will be published on the official Twitter and other sites.

I drew a story about Blake Griffin (Boston Celtics) and HYPEBEAST Japan chief editor Yuki Abe.

NBA Japan様主催のキャンペーン「ボクらのNBA」に、

HYPEBEAST Japan編集長 阿部勇紀様原案の漫画を提供致しました。



NBA Japan公式Twitterをフォローし、プロジェクトのハッシュタグを付けて




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